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This section provides a list of reports related to Hazard Assessment and Warning Guidance that are available to the public by purchase or internet download. The list is categorized by NCTR and state agencies.

NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (NCTR) Publications -- See all NCTR publications, or select a keyword or author parameter to search the publications:

Tsunami NTHMP Bernard Eble Gonzalez
Mofjeld Newman Titov Venturato MOST model

Alaska -- Tsunami hazard maps are available from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys. Please contact Scott Simmons for more information about evacuation maps.

California -- Please contact Rich Eisner of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Earthquake Program for information about California tsunami hazard and evacuation maps. Contact the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Coastal Region for more information about obtaining tsunami inundation and evacuation maps. Other resources can be found through the University of Southern California Tsunami Research Group.

Hawaii -- Hazard maps and other publications can be found at the Pacific Disaster Center, the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, and the International Tsunami Information Center. The Hawaii Civil Defense Division works in conjunction with tsunami inundation modelers to create inundation maps.

Oregon -- Tsunami hazard maps and evacuation brochures are available from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries or Nature of the Northwest.

Washington -- Tsunami hazard maps and other resources are available from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Division of Geology and Earth Resources. Contact the Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division for information on evacuation maps.

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