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The NCTR assists coastal states in the development of tsunami inundation maps for at-risk coastal communities. Emergency management officials work with geologists to set mapping priorities for their respective state. Inundation modeling and mapping are contracted out to associated modelers from academic institutions or the NCTR.

Emergency Management Departments

Inundation maps are being prepared using the latest computer modeling techniques for both local and distant events. Field studies of past tsunami impacts are used to supplement the computer models.

The tsunami inundation maps are an integral piece of the strategy to reduce future loss of life and property. Emergency managers and local governments use these maps to guide evacuation planning and develop evacuation routes for public use.

The development of inundation maps involves several steps and is an arduous process. To learn more about the procedure, select an step from the list at right. Refer to the resources section for information on where to obtain inundation and evacuation maps.

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