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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
NOAA Center for Tsunami Research NOAA

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Postal Address:
NOAA Center for Tsunami Research
7600 Sand Point Wy NE, Seattle, WA 98115

General tsunami inquiries can be directed to:

Monica Allen,
NOAA Communications Office

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Latest bulletin for Hawaii, all U.S. interests in the Pacific outside the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center area of responsibility, most countries in the Pacific and around its rim. Includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

West Coast/ Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

Latest bulletin for North America's West and East Coasts, and US Gulf of Mexico Coasts

Less immediate tsunami information is provided by the International Tsunami Information Center

Additional information is available on the NOAA Tsunami website.


NCTR Personnel September 2009
Diego Arcas
Nicolas Arcos
Eddie N Bernard
Eugene Burger
Chris Chamberlin
Donald W Denbo
Marie C Eble
Edison Gica
Stephen R Hammond
Utku Kanoglu
Lauren Koellermeier
Christian Meinig
Nazila Merati
Harold Mofjeld
Christopher Moore
Tracey Nakamura
Jean C Newman
John Osborne
Clint Pells
Dylan Righi
Nancy N Soreide
Mick Spillane
Scott E Stalin
Liujuan Tang
Vasily Titov
Elena Tolkova
Mike Traum
Burak Uslu
Lindsey Waller
Yong Wei
Hongqiang Zhou

Personnel October 2005

a Eddie Bernard picture list
b Frank Gonzalez
c Hal Mofjeld
d Marie Eble
e Vasily Titov, JISAO
f Jean Newman, JISAO
g Steve Hammond
Angie Venturato, JISAO
Diego Arcas, JISAO
Edison Gica, JISAO
T Steele, JISAO
Misty Watson LT JG , NOAA Corps
Chris Chamberlin, JISAO
Past Personnel:
h Carolyn Herzog (thru 2002)
Robert A. Kamphaus LT, NOAA Corps (1997-2000)
Shun-Ichi Koshimura, Research Fellow of JSPS (2001)
Tsunami Personnel
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