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Objectives: Use numerical models and analyses of observed tsunamis to develop faster and more reliable forecasts of tsunamis striking coastal communities.

The June 10, 1996 Andreanov tsunami was simulated as a test of the MOST propagation model.

Andreanov tsunami simulated with MOST model - animation tsunami amplitudes calculated with MOST model
Andreanov tsunami model animation

MPEG movie

Computed tsunami amplitudes

VRML object (VRML viewer required)

Inundation of the Aonae peninsula during the July 12, 1993 Hokkaido-Nansei-Oki tsunami computed with the MOST inundation model.

simulation of tsunami approaching Aonae inundation model animation
Snapshot of tsunami approaching Aonae

VRML object (VRML viewer required)

Inundation model animation

QT movie