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If you've just run ComMIT for the first time, you may need a bit of advice getting started... or perhaps you're a know-it-all and are just ITCHING to press that “Done” button. For you, I just say “File->Create new site”, and have a great time!

For the rest of you, just a little help:

  1. The first time it loads takes a while locating Ferret and downloading test grids (it'll run faster next time).
  2. The Edit->Preferences lets you choose where you work, where your grids are, where your source files are, and where your MOST executable is.
  3. If you don't have a MOST executable, one will be installed for you.
  4. If you hate this interface, uninstalling is just a matter of deleting the “cmi” directory in your home directory.

I'd suggest File->Create new site, and choose hiloGridA, hiloGridB, hiloGridC, since the defaults for MOST parameters are based on this grid. Name it anything (Hilo?), and click “Launch”.

That should do it: you should see an initial condition file created, and the model results can be animated as the model runs by clicking the “MOST Results – Wave” tab.

Play around with choosing source files from the map by zooming/panning or “Jump to:”.

More help to come soon under the Help->Contents menu.

See the ComMIT User Guide.

Feedback welcome: