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The following animations are based on an earthquake scenario generate by the finite difference model MOST. This model does not include the influence of tides. The tide stage and tidal currents can amplify or reduce the impact of a tsunami on a specific community. NOTE: These animations are in QuickTime® format and may take time to download.

Associated tsunami hazard maps are available from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Division of Geology and Earth.

Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca
The earthquake scenario depicted in these animations is a magnitude (Mw) 9.1 Cascadia Subduction Zone event (Priest et al., 1997 and Myers et al. 1999). This event's primary features are a rupture length of approximately 1050 km, average rupture width of 70 km, and slip of 17.5 m. More information is available in Venturato et al., 2004.

This animation is based on an earthquake scenario of a magnitude (Mw) 7.3 Seattle Fault earthquake. Details on the fault parameters for this scenario are available in Titov et al., 2003.