Understand how oceanic topography affects tsunami wave propagation

  Develop simple criteria for identifying topography that reflects and scatters

  Interpret the tsunami wave-height patterns seen in model simulations

  Determine how smoothing the topography affects the simulated tsunamis

MOST Model Simulations
Three Recent Pacific Tsunamis

June 10, 1996 Andreanof Is. Tsunami (MW = 7.7)
Epicenter at 50.60N, 177.70W

December 5, 1997 Kamchatka Tsunami (MW=7.9)
Epicenter at 54.66N, 161.78E

October 4, 1994 Shikotan (Kuril Is.) Tsunami (MW = 8.2)
Epicenter at 43.67N, 147.36E