NOAA Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis
Early DART® buoy deployments, site histories and photos

Testing and prototype development was begun in 1995 and the first four DART® stations were in place by August 2000. The standard DART® surface buoy has a current design life of 1 year and the seafloor BPR package has a life of 2 years. In the first 4 years of operations, the system has proven to be robust and reliable with a cumulative data return of > 96%.

Cruise Photos

Deployment/Recovery/Instrumentation (Internal website)

Milburn, H.B., A.I. Nakamura, and F.I. Gonzalez (1996):
Real-time tsunami reporting from the deep ocean.
Proceedings of the Oceans 96 MTS/IEEE Conference, 23-26 September 1996, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 390-394.

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