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Picture of Mick Spillane Mick Spillane received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Mathematical Physics and Experimental Physics at University College Cork, part of the National University of Ireland. A cosmic ray muon telescope, built for his master's project, proved more sensitive to meteorological than intergalactic conditions and prompted his move to the earth sciences. In 1980 he obtained a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography at Oregon State University with Peter Niiler as his major prof.

Returning to Ireland, Mick worked with Dr. Edward Monahan at NUI Galway where the wind-swept climate made it a prime location for marine aerosol research. Coastal circulation studies using drifters, dye releases and current meters also kept him busy. He returned to OSU in 1985 and, working with John Allen, found his niche in data analysis. Mick aspires to be a "guru" of something (perhaps Ferret) when he grows up.

Since joining PMEL as a JISAO person in 1990, Mick has been a "jack of all trades" (hopefully the corollary does not apply), working in Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska modeling, TAO array studies, EPIC software support, and Arctic climate change, before joining NCTR, the Tsunami Research group, in 2005. Within NCTR his major involvement has been with DART™ array siting and the propagation database; he contributes number-crunching skills to other aspects of the research.

Mick enjoys outreach activities and has been involved in NOAA Science Camp since its inception in 2003. He spoke on tsunami detection to "Science on Tap" and, together with other JISAO members of the NCTR group, fosters tsunami awareness at public events at the Pacific Science Center and other venues in the Seattle area. A live Q&A session via telephone and web-based visuals with a school group in Florida proved a convenient method of reaching a wider audience.

Contact Info:

Mick Spillane
NOAA - PMEL, Bldg 3
7600 Sand Point Way, NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 206-526-6780
Fax:   206-526-6744

Resume: Mick's Curriculum Vitae
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