PDC website access ...

PDC website that is being used to compile and/or link, and download available
imagery, damage, and other geospatial information, as available. It is being
established as a "distributed" information service so can be used from your
location without having to download all the relevant data. The site is dynamic and
growing, so checking back regularly will provide more information.

There are two ways to access the map service:

1) as a simple web-based "viewer", at http://www.pdc.org/tsunami. Here you
can view and print pictures of the data by turning on layers and zooming
in/out. Data include landsat pre-event data, shaded relief topography,
USG-provided damaged-area polygons, high resolution commercial imagery, etc.

2) as an ARC-IMS based mapping service, at http://apnhin.pdc.org.
    Server URL is www.pdc.org and
    Map Service Name is APNHIN_PDC_Tsunami_Response.
If you use ESRI's ArcMap or ArcExplorer, for example, you can add this service
to your MXD or AEP without having to download and store the 100's of GB
of data behind it.

Downloading the high resolution commercial data must be consistent with USG
policy that was provided to PDC late Friday evening. Options for downloading
through the viewer and/or through the map service should up and running very

As stated above, the service is growing every day.
If you have questions, or have other data you think could be useful to the service,
please contact: Mr. Chris Chiesa <cchiesa@pdc.org>.